Find Fun & Friendship at the Oroville Senior Center!

Looking to add some pep to your step?
Join us at the Oroville Senior Center for a variety of activities designed to keep you active and connected.

Mingle & Make Memories:

  • Social gatherings & games:
    Enjoy coffee breaks, board games, and lively conversation with friendly faces.
  • Movie afternoons & guest speakers:
    Relax with classic films or learn something new at informative talks.

Nourish Your Body & Mind:

  • Delicious noon meals:
    Savor a satisfying lunch with good company. (Menu)
  • Health & wellness workshops:
    Stay active and informed with educational sessions.

The Oroville Senior Center offers a welcoming environment to:

  • Stay active:
    Engage in social interaction and stimulating activities.
  • Connect with others:
    Build friendships and combat loneliness.
  • Have Fun!:
    Enjoy a variety of activities to keep life interesting.

Call us at (509) 476-2412 to learn more and discover a world of possibilities!